Ryan Blair Bates

Ryan Blair Bates

October 8, 1976 – January 19, 2013

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  1. Yvette Hildebrand says:

    Ryan….. I can’t believe you’re gone. I have,so many things to say but at the same time i’m speechless. I guess i’m still in shock since itit was only this morning I became aware of the fact you had passed. Just like that you were gone. I take comfort at least you were peacefully sleeping during the night when it ocurred. You are with your parents now.
    You were my senior year high school love. My mom and I had just moved my last year of high school to victorville of all places. I went from the beach to the desert and in my senior year of all things, I was devastated. School started and right away I saw you. I was smitten. We began to date our first date was our senior homecoming dance. What a way to start! You brought light to what would’ve been sheer misery in a,crucial time. Your sense of humor, extreme intelligence, passion about life was breathtaking. We,dated and close to the end of the,year we parted ways because you moved to your moms. Never the less, we remained friends.

    I love you ryan. Til we meet up one day my friend. Will have to be at much later/further down the road, As for now I have a son to raise on this earth. IM just sorry I didn’t touch base a bit sooner with you. You just seemed so busy with your new friends and life, That i hadnt realized the distance that had accumulated. Regardless, you’ll always have a place in my heart.
    Thank you for the laughter, happiness, good times, inspiration, talks, friendship,

    Ryan Bates your parents as well.

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