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Cremation in Costa Mesa

With funeral and burial costs on the rise, more people are turning to traditional cremation services for their end-of-life arrangements. Some people are even choosing to pre-plan their cremation arrangements through a local cremation service. Choosing a local cremation service in Costa Mesa allows you to find a cremation package that fits your needs, including low-cost options.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing Costa Mesa cremation, and there are a lot of options to help customize the planning experience. If you need help, follow this guide for cremation in Costa Mesa. It walks you through the benefits of cremation in Costa Mesa, how to choose specific services, and more.

Benefits of Choosing Cremation

The main reason people are turning to cremation over a burial is the price difference. Cremation services cost a lot less than funeral and burial services. There are a few other reasons that people choose cremation, too.

People also choose cremation because it’s more environmentally friendly, the process can be less painless on loved ones, and cremation services do not take as long to arrange as funeral services.

Cremation service providers are also able to offer families and loved ones closure, just like funerals do, but there are so many more options on how to make it truly unique.

Cremation Services in 5 Steps

Making cremation arrangements can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these five steps to plan out local cremation near you.

  1. Begin by knowing what your budget is. When you know what your budget is you will have a better understanding of how much you can spend and what services you can add on if you want anything extra. Your cremation provider will be able to help you understand the cremation pricing.
  2. Look for a local cremation package. Costa Mesa cremation is not only local, it offers affordable cremation services, too. A simple, cheap cremation package includes transportation of the deceased, permits, cremation, and urn.
  3. Many people choose to hold a service in celebration or remembrance of the deceased, while other people choose to forgo a service altogether. If you want to hold a service, it is important to know which kind you want. Here are a few that you may be familiar with:
    1. Graveside service – a small service held at the gravesite when the deceased is laid to rest
    2. Memorial service – a service to celebrate or remember the life of the deceased, usually held at a funeral home, community center, or outdoor public place
    3. Religious service – different faiths practice different customs when a person dies, sometimes a prayer or church service is held at their church or place of worship
    4. Military service – members of the military can receive a military burial and honors
  4. Decide on any additional arrangements that you may want. Many cremation companies offer add-ons such as a private goodbye at the local crematorium, rush or expedited cremation, private cremation, and more. These services typically cost more, so be prepared to check your budget.
  5. Finally, look into your options for a final resting place. With cremation, there are simply too many choices to list; however, traditional places include a:
    1. Family gravesite
    2. Mausoleum
    3. Loved one’s home
    4. Scattering the ashes

After Cremation Decisions

As mentioned in step five above, there are so many places for a final resting place after cremation. It is important to choose what is going to be done with the remains.

There are traditional options where the remains are placed in an urn, then the urn is stored in a number of places. Places that people traditionally store their loved one’s urn are in a family gravesite, church, mausoleum, or at the home of a loved one.

If a person chooses to keep remains in an urn at their residence, it is important to know that there are strict laws in California. The person who is responsible for the remains must never remove the remains from the urn, obtain a permit to keep the remains and arrange for the remains to be taken care of upon their death.

Scattering the ashes is another traditional way to care for the remains after cremation. Some churches and cemeteries have cremation gardens where they allow for the scattering of ashes. There are also services that can be arranged to scatter ashes at sea.

Just like keeping remains in a home, there are also laws about what can and cannot be done. Make sure that you know the rules before scattering your loved ones’ ashes.

In addition to the traditional ways to store or scatter remains, there are also non-traditional options, too. With the advancement of technology, there is the option to remember your loved ones by placing their ashes in jewelry or other keepsakes.

Costa Mesa Cremation Service Package

Local cremation service near Costa Mesa has been made easy. The simple cremation package offered by The Cremation Society of Orange Coast is an affordable cremation plan that includes the necessities for cremation. It includes transporting the deceased to the crematorium facility where a licensed funeral director will oversee the cremation services.

Our staff members will work to get the necessary permits for the cremation to take place. They will also help assist with the required paperwork. Paperwork is conveniently located on the website and can be completed from the comfort of home.

After all of the paperwork has been filled out and permits are obtained, direct cremation services are to be completed at the Costa Mesa crematory. Following the crematory cremation services, remains are placed in a durable cremation urn and released to the family of the deceased.

Costa Mesa Cremation Optional Arrangements and Services

Our cremation company also provides its valued clients with the following add-ons:

  • Rush cremation package (to happen within 24 hours of the receipt of a Health Department Cremation Permit)
  • Private goodbye at the crematory facility
  • Memorial package
  • Scattering remains at sea enhancement

Not only do we offer local cremation services near Costa Mesa, but additional services can also be arranged to make our client’s experience one of a kind.

Why Choose Cremation Society of Orange Coast

When looking for local cremation services near you, choose the best. The Cremation Society of Orange Coast takes pride in offering the diverse Orange County, California community with caring, compassionate staff and professional services. Whether you’re pre-planning your cremation or making final arrangements for a loved one, their low-cost cremation package can be paired with additional services for a truly unique experience.