5 star ratingOur mother passed away several years ago and at that time we used the services of the Cremation Society of Orange Coast. We discovered that further documentation was needed to proceed with the burial of her ashes at our father's interment in Arlington National Cemetery. Nicole, the director was very proactive in securing the documents required. It took some detective work on her part and she did this in lightening fast time, answering my questions fully and sending us the certificates within a day's time. Definitely above and beyond. She could not have been nicer and asked nothing for her time. I heartily endorse this company.
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Cremation in Aliso Viejo

Whether you are pre-planning your cremation or making cremation arrangements for a loved one, your needs will be met through our local cremation service. Our simple cremation service package includes everything you need for a comprehensive, yet low-cost cremation.

If you need help with Aliso Viejo cremation, then look no further than our staff of experts. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can help guide you through the process of choosing the services that best fit your needs for cremation in Aliso Viejo.

Steps in Choosing Cremation Services

After a family member or loved one passes away, making decisions about what happens next can be difficult. Here are a few suggestions from our experienced staff members on navigating the process of how to make final arrangements.

  1. Start by choosing a cremation package at a facility with local cremation near you. Our simple cremation package includes the basic essentials of what is required for cremation.
  2. Decide on whether or not to hold a service in memory of the deceased. There are a few different options to choose from, including:
    1. Church or religious service – prayer or worship services can be held at a local church or worship center
    2. Memorial service – remembrance services can be held at a local venue, such as a park
    3. Graveside service – services can be held at the graveside if the deceased is to be interned in the ground
    4. Military service – if the deceased was a military member they may be entitled to military honors like flag presentation or honor guard
    5. No additional service – services are not required
  3. Explore your options on additional arrangements. Our staff can walk you through choosing any add-ons, such as private cremation, rush cremation, or cremation with viewing.
  4. Decided on a final resting place. There are a variety of options for a final resting place, including a variety of urns or scattering the ashes.

Aliso Viejo Cremation Service Package

This affordable cremation service starts by arranging for the transportation of the deceased from their place of death into our care at the local crematorium facility. A licensed funeral director oversees the cremation service as required by law, from start to finish.

Our compassionate and caring team members are also available to help along the way. If needed, they can help you complete all of the required paperwork. The paperwork is available on our website for your convenience and one of our staff members is able to assist you with any questions that may arise.

Once the cremation forms have been completed, someone from our staff will obtain the permits required for the cremation provider as required by the state. Direct cremations services will then be performed at our Aliso Viejo crematory.

After the traditional cremation procedures have taken place, the remains are provided in one of our durable cremation urns.

Benefits of Choosing Cremation

There are a number of reasons why people choose cremation over burial. One of the most desired reasons for choosing cremation is the price. The cost of cremation services is significantly lower than funeral services.

Cremation service providers are also able to offer the same level of farewell services that are commonly associated with funeral services.

Additional Cremation Service in Aliso Viejo

Our crematory cremation services include cheap cremation because we know how difficult paying for unexpected final expenses can be. In addition to offering local cremation service near Aliso Viejo, we provide additional services to meet each of our client’s unique needs. Memorial services at a church or venue of your choosing can be arranged in addition to our simple cremation pricing.

Aliso Viejo Cremation Optional Arrangements

Our cremation company is honored to provide clients with other add-on services. Aliso Viejo Cremation can provide include:

  • Expedited cremation service – completed within 24 hours of the receipt of a Health Department Cremation Permit
  • Graveside service – if the internment of the deceased will be in a cemetery
  • Private cremation with visual identification and witnessing the cremation container or casket being placed in the cremation chamber.
  • Scattering of cremains at sea

After Cremation Decisions

Following cremation, there are a number of things that can be done with the remains, also called ashes or cremains. Traditional options include placing the remains in an urn that are then kept in a mausoleum or buried at a gravesite.

Other traditional options are to keep the remains in an urn at a home, scatter the ashes, or store them in a church or place of worship.

Keeping remains at a private residence in California requires a permit and signed declaration that the remains will not be removed from the urn. Any person who keeps cremated remains must make arrangements for the remains upon their death.

There are also rules to follow when it comes to scattering ashes in California. It is important that you know where remains are allowed to be scattered and the regulations surrounding spreading them. Our staff is knowledgeable about these regulations and can assist with arranging services.

Services for scattering remains can be done at a church, a cemetery, at sea, or a number of other places. Simply talk to a staff member about your wishes so that we are able to help find the location that best meets your needs.

Non-traditional options for what to do with cremains also exist. If you are interested in remembering your loved one in an alternative way, ask our staff about cremation keepsakes. There is an assortment of memorial jewelry and non-wearable mementos such as necklaces, pendants, and keychains that can help you keep the memory of your loved one close by, always.

Regardless of how simple or extravagant you want services to be, how traditional or non-traditional of a way that you want to store the remains, we are here to make the process as helpful and easy as possible.

Why Choose Cremation Society of Orange Coast

No one does Aliso Viejo Cremation with more care than we do. This is because we recognize that you have a choice in a variety of cremation companies for cremation in Aliso Viejo. The Cremation Society of Orange Coast takes pride in offering the diverse Orange County California population with local cremation services near you.