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Thank you, Nicole.
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Cremation in Buena Park

Have you thought about making final arrangements for yourself or a loved one? There are many benefits to looking into pre-planning your cremation or making cremation arrangements for a family member.

With a variety of local services, there is sure to be a cremation package that fits your needs. Our simple cremation package is not only a comprehensive cremation service package, but it is low-cost, too.

Check out the following Buena Park cremation guide so that you know what services are available, what additional arrangements can be made, and how to choose cremation services that match your needs and budget for cremation in Buena Park.

Buena Park’s Simple Cremation Service Package

The simple cremation service package offered for the Buena Park community starts with our highly trained and professional staff guiding you throughout the process. Local transportation will be arranged to take the deceased into our care at the local crematorium, directly from their place of death.

While preparations are made for the direct cremation service to begin, paperwork must be completed. All paperwork is available in a digital format that is available online so that you can fill out the information from the comfort of your home.

After the paperwork has been submitted, a staff member will obtain the necessary permit for the cremation provider. The cremation service will be overseen by a licensed funeral director as required by law, throughout the entire process.

Remains are placed in a durable cremation urn then released once all of the traditional cremation procedures have been completed.

Family members may choose from a variety of add-ons or additional arrangements in addition to the simple cremation package to personalize their experience.

Additional Cremation Services in Buena Park

Not all cremation companies offer crematory cremation services in their low-cost cremation packages. There are add-ons and arrangements that you want to add to make your loved ones’ end-of-life celebration complete. Some add-ons take place at the Buena Park crematory, while others happen at a venue of your choosing.

Memorial services at a church or venue of your choosing can be arranged in addition to the local cremation service near Buena Park.

Buena Park cremation clients can arrange to add the following services through the cremation company:

  • Visitation services prior to cremation
  • Private goodbye at crematorium
  • Express cremation services (dependant on the receipt of the required Health Department Cremation Permit)
  • Memorial or another type of remembrance service
  • Scattering of remains at sea service enhancement

Benefits of Choosing Buena Park Cremation

People choose cremation for a variety of reasons. What you may not know is that there are multiple benefits of choosing cremation. Benefits include:

  • More environmentally friendly than a traditional burial
  • Remains are portable, they don’t have to stay in one place
  • Remains can be divided between family members
  • Less costly than a typical funeral with a casket and burial
  • Simple and easy to implement

Affordability is the number one reason on this list why most people choose cremation. Memorial services or celebration of life services are also just as nice if not better than traditional funeral services.

5 Steps in Planning Cremation Services

Making cremation arrangements can be difficult during the grieving process. Here are five steps in planning cremation services that will make the process go smoothly.

  1. Determine your budget. If you know what your budget is before making any decisions you will be able to figure out where your money is best spent and where you can splurge, if possible. Cremation service providers are able to offer suggestions to help you stay within budget.
  2. Look for local cremation near you, there are providers who offer cremation packages. Cheap cremation packages are available so that families can have an affordable choice, but also add on other arrangements if they choose to do so.
  3. Establish if there will be a service to remember the deceased. Different services to consider are:
    1. A memorial service for friends, family, and acquaintances
    2. A religious service to pray or worship over the deceased
    3. A graveside service for final thoughts to be spoken prior to internment
  4. Look into add-ons that can be provided. Some people need a faster cremation in which case a rush cremation may be available. Other services include a viewing at the crematorium or private cremation.
  5. Know where you want the final resting place to be because there are so many options to choose from. You will want to decide on an urn and whether or not to scatter the remains. Make sure you know the laws in your area about scattering remains.

Scattering, Internment, and Storage

As previously mentioned, the last step in planning cremation services is choosing what happens to the remains when cremation is complete. There are endless possibilities for what happens to your loved one’s remains.

The first thing that needs to be decided is if the remains will be scattered or not. There are laws in each state that dictate how remains can and cannot be scattered. California has some of the strictest laws in the country. Make sure that you know the laws prior to scattering the remains.

If you choose not to scatter the remains, then they will need to be properly stored. After cremation, a person’s remains will be collected and placed in an urn. Many people will decide to replace the urn that was provided with an urn of their choosing. There is a wide selection of shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and designs available.

Many people will traditionally choose to store the urn with the remains in a mausoleum or bury the urn in a grave, like a family plot for example. There are, however, other places where an urn can be kept.

Churches or other places of worship sometimes have places to keep urn with the remains of their followers. Another option is to keep the urn at the private residence of a family member or loved one of the deceased.

If the remains are kept in an urn, California requires that the responsible party obtain a permit and a signed declaration that the remains will not be removed from the urn. Then, they must also make sure there are arrangements for the cremated remains upon their death.

Why Choose Cremation Society of Orange Coast

You have a choice when it comes to cremation companies for cremation in Buena Park, so why not choose the best? The Cremation Society of Orange Coast takes pride in offering services near you with the best cremation pricing. There isn’t anyone who does Buena Park cremation services better than we do.