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Cremation Service in Fountain Valley

It can be difficult to make decisions after the unexpected passing of a loved one. This is why many people make it a priority to pre-plan their funeral. The following guide can help if you are looking into pre-planning your cremation or if you are having to make decisions because of a loved one’s passing.

The first decision that must be made is whether to choose cremation or a burial. This guide will not only help you understand the benefits of cremation, but it will guide you through how to find low-cost cremation by using a local cremation service.

The Many Benefits of Cremation

Traditional cremation through a cremation company has so many benefits. The benefits range from a positive environmental impact to cost-effectiveness to ease and flexibility.

There is less of a burden placed on the environment because there is no need to use the same resources that must be used for a traditional burial. Additionally, harmful chemicals used for embalming aren’t needed for cremation either.

By removing the need for a casket, headstone, and grave plot, the cost of a funeral and burial is significantly reduced. Not only is cremation less costly, but it is also more flexible, too. There is a lot of flexibility in choosing a final resting place for the cremated remains, such as keeping an urn with the remains. Many people find that this helps give them closure and ease their grief.

When you choose cremation in Fountain Valley, you can plan low-cost services that meet your needs. In addition to setting up the cremation, you will be able to set up a memorial service or celebration of life if you choose to do so.

How to Plan Fountain Valley Cremation Services

Making cremation arrangements is easier if you use Fountain Valley cremation services and follow these steps for planning cremation and optional services.

  1. Know your budget and maintain records of your spending. This will help you make decisions later on if you want to add any additional services.
  2. Cremation pricing varies depending on a number of options, so check with your cremation service provider to see if they offer a simple cremation package. This will help get you started with the basics of what is required for cremation. You can always choose to add more services later.
  3. If you want to hold a service in memory of the deceased, know what kind of service you want. The most common options are:
    1. A prayer or worship service is held at a church or other religious center.
    2. Non-religious memorial service that is held to remember the life of the deceased.
    3. Graveside services can take place to honor the deceased at the time of internment. These services can also take place if the deceased is to be interned at a mausoleum, too.
    4. Military services are available for people who served in the military. They include a military burial and honors. Special paperwork needs to be completed for these services.
  4. Understand what additional arrangements can be made. Many crematorium companies offer private cremation, expedited cremation, and goodbye viewing before cremation.
  5. Choose a final resting place for your loved one. There are many options to choose from, but it is important to know the rules about keeping or scattering remains.

Resting Place Options Following Cremation in Fountain Valley

After the cremation takes place, the remains of the deceased are returned to the family in an urn from the cremation provider. The family must then decide what to do with the urn. Some people store the remains in a grave or place them in a mausoleum, other people choose to keep the remains in an urn in their home, and then some people choose to scatter the remains of the deceased.

If you choose to store remains at home, you may choose to upgrade the standard urn to a more decorative one. Local cremation companies can assist with choosing an urn that best fits your needs. It is also important to know that if you keep remains at a private residence in California there are strict laws about how they must be handled.

Scattering the remains of a loved one is another option for a final resting place. Some people choose to do this in a location that was important to the deceased. There are also regulations for scattering remains, so you should understand them before you do anything

Many places can help set up a special service for scattering remains. Remains can be scattered at sea, a church garden, or a special place in a cemetery to name a few.

Simple Cremation Service Package in Fountain Valley

A simple crematory cremation service can be arranged in Fountain Valley. Our simple cremation package covers all of the essentials. We start by providing the transportation of the deceased to the local crematorium facility. Next, we ask that you fill out all of the required forms so that our staff may obtain the required permit for direct cremation services.

Once we have the permit, a licensed funeral director will oversee the services. If you have any questions or need help with the paperwork, our compassionate staff is available to help you.

After the cremation procedures have taken place, you will be provided with a temporary and durable cremation urn with the remains of your loved one.

Fountain Valley Cremation Service Add-Ons

Not only do we offer crematory cremation services for a cheap cremation, but we provide additional services to help our clients arrange a personalized service. We can help with memorial services in addition to our local cremation service near Fountain Valley.

Other arrangements that can be added to our cremation service in Fountain Valley include add-on services such as:

  • A rush cremation service that can be completed within 24 hours of the receipt of a Health Department Cremation Permit
  • A memorial service package
  • Private cremation with visual identification
  • Sea scattering enhancement package

We are also able to offer our clients a variety of products to help them memorialize their loved ones. Products and momentos may include:

  • A variety of decorative urns in multiple shapes and sizes
  • Keepsake jewelry, keychains, and pendants
  • Fingerprints and thumbprints

Why Choose Cremation Society of Orange Coast

If you are looking for local cremation services near you, then go with the best in care and professionalism. The Cremation Society of Orange Coast offers affordable cremation services through the Fountain Valley crematory. They take pride in offering top-notch services to the diverse community of Orange County, California.