5 star ratingI could not have been more pleased with the service and support I received from the Cremation Society of OC, and especially with Nicole.  I had no experience with dealing with the loss of a close relative and had a lot of questions.  Nicole was extremely helpful and supportive, and answered all of my questions (of which I mad many).  Nicole was exceptionally responsive, always returning calls promptly.  Thank you!

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Cremation in Laguna Hills

One of the best things that you can do for your family is pre-planning your cremation arrangements. This will help them at the time of your death so they do not have to make any difficult decisions about how you want to be laid to rest.

However you are making cremation arrangements for a family member or a loved one without pre-planned cremation arrangements, you may need some guidance with planning a Laguna Hills cremation.

The low-cost cremation service is comprehensive and was designed to make cremation planning easy and affordable. The following guide will help you choose cremation services and make additional arrangements so that all of your final arrangement needs are met.

How to Select Cremation Service in Laguna Hills

It can be frustrating to plan cremation services when you don’t know where to begin. Simply work with your cremation service provider to understand what services are available, then work within your budget. Planning a local cremation service near Laguna Hills can be easy if you follow these five steps to make cremation arrangements.

Know the Budget

Figure out your budget for cremation service in Laguna Hills. It is best to set your budget at the beginning stage of the planning process to make sure that you get all of the things you need.

Choose a Package

A simple cremation package includes everything needed for basic cremation with affordable cremation pricing. This package covers transporting the deceased to the crematorium, permits, cremation, and an urn.

Plan Remembrance Services

If you choose to hold a service in memory of the deceased you will want to make sure you know which kind is best for you. Options include:

  • Church service, prayer service, or religious service at a local church or worship center
  • Memorial service at a funeral parlor, community center, or public park
  • Graveside service at the gravesite or mausoleum
  • Military burial to honor service members

Add-On Arrangements

If you want, there are services that the crematorium can add on for a fee. You may choose to add rush service, private cremation, or visitation with cremation.

Choose a Final Resting Place

Choose to bury the remains, store the remains in a cremation urn to keep, or scatter the remains.

Laguna Hills Cremation Service Package

There are a variety of packages that are available for Laguna Hills Cremation. Even the most basic package can be customized to meet your needs. We suggest you start with the simple cremation package.

The simple package is an affordable cremation service that includes transportation of the deceased to the local crematorium. One of our licensed funeral directors will oversee the cremation process.

For the cremation process to begin, we will need some paperwork completed. The paperwork is available online so that you can complete it from the comfort of your home. Once the paperwork has been returned to our staff, we will obtain the required permit for the cremation to take place.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff members can help with any questions that you may have.

Once the permit has been issued, our Laguna Hills crematory will complete the direct cremation services are performed. Upon the completion of the cremation, the remains are placed in an urn and made available to the family.

Cremation Benefits

Cremation service providers are able to provide cremation services at a much lower price than burial services. This is because cremation does not require embalming or the need to purchase a casket, headstone, or gravesite.

Even though the cost is less, Laguna Hills cremation services can still give closure and arrangements can be made to honor the life of the deceased.

Additional Arrangements in Laguna Hills

Crematory cremation services provide clients with a cheap cremation option because we want our clients to be able to get the basic cremation service at an affordable price. We are able to make arrangements for additional services for our local cremation service near Laguna Hills. Services include additional experiences like a private goodbye at the crematorium. We can also help to arrange a special memorial service or sea scattering enhancement.

How to Honor the Remains

After the cremation has been completed the remains are collected by the cremation company and returned to the family in a temporary urn. It is up to the family to decide how to honor the ashes of the deceased. There are traditional ways to keep the remains or scatter the remains, but there are also non-traditional options.

Burial of the remains is one of the three traditional ways to care for the ashes. Remains can be buried at a gravesite, placed in a mausoleum in a cemetery, or kept in a church if they offer those services.

Another traditional way to care for ashes is to purchase a permanent cremation urn. These urns come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The price of an urn varies based on which options you choose. Your cremation provider should be able to help you select an urn.

Sometimes, families choose to divide the ashes amongst several urns so that each person can remember and honor the deceased. If you keep cremated remains make sure that you follow the laws set in place by California.

The third traditional way to honor the cremated remains is to scatter the ashes. You may choose to scatter ashes in a cemetery garden, designated area at your church, in the ocean, or at a place that was special to you and the deceased. There are also laws about scattering ashes, so you should be aware of those prior to scattering the ashes.

Many non-traditional ways to honor the remains of a loved one are available. Some of these options are burial in a tree pod, creating a memorial keepsake, or storing a small portion of ashes in jewelry.

Laguna Hills cremation services can be tailored to meet your needs and your budget. We can help with traditional cremation services with affordable cremation pricing.

Why Choose Cremation Society of Orange Coast

The Cremation Society of Orange Coast is happy to provide the best local cremation services near you. Choose the best cremation companies for an expert level of care and professionalism. When it comes to cremation in Laguna Hills, the Cremation Society of Orange Coast is your best option.