5 star ratingThe communication I've had with Nicole these past ten months have been very pleasant and informative. When mom went into Hospice mode, we did not think she would live ten months, but we were glad that she left this world on her terms! Two weeks, to the day, to get her  "cremains"  and the death certificates. I think, that if you have a Hospice situation, if you can plan ahead and have the paperwork turned in to Nicole, it makes everything so much easier. She explains all of the delicate details and puts you at ease. The staff, picking up my mom, were very quiet, well mannered and they took their job seriously, we felt comfortable with them in our home.A very sad time made manageable by a professional company.

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Cremation in Dana Point

There is a growing need for low-cost cremation services in Dana Point. Our simple cremation package includes everything you will need whether you are pre-planning your cremation or making cremation arrangements for someone else. Your needs are sure to be met through our comprehensive, low-cost, and local cremation services.

There’s no reason to look elsewhere, simply follow this process of choosing the cremation services that best fit your needs. Not only can this process be simple, but you can tailor the arrangements and services to fit your exact needs.

Choosing Cremation Service in Dana Point in 5 Easy Steps

After your loved one or family member has passed away, it can be difficult to make decisions while also grieving. If you need help to make the cremation planning process easier, just follow these five steps for planning a local cremation near you. These five steps can also be helpful if you are pre-planning your own cremation and after-life services.

  1. Make a budget and keep track of all of your cremation service spending. This will ensure that you are able to afford the things you want and don’t overspend on things you don’t need.
  2. Select the simple cremation package to meet your needs, then add on services or arrangements if you want anything extra.
  3. If you want to have a service, know which type you want to have. The following services are the most common services that people have:
    1. A memorial service for friends, family, and acquaintances to celebrate the deceased’s life
    2. A religious service so the deceased can be prayed over
    3. A graveside service to honor the deceased while they’re being laid to rest
    4. If the deceased was a member of the military then ask about a military burial and honors.
  4. Understand what add-ons or extra arrangements can be made if you need or want them. This might include services such as a rush cremation or cremation with a private goodbye for the family at the crematory facility.
  5. Know what the options are for a final resting place for the remains and decide on one. Traditionally, people choose from a variety of storage or scattering options.

Dana Point Simple Cremation Service Package

The simple cremation package offers an affordable cremation service. First, the deceased is taken to the local crematorium facility. Then, a licensed funeral director will oversee the services from beginning to end.

From there, you will need to complete some paperwork. All of the paperwork that is required is available online. This allows you to fill everything out from the comfort of your home. Once completed a member of our staff will file it and obtain the permit. Feel free to ask our staff for help if you have any questions that come up.

After the cremation provider has the permit, they will be able to carry out the direct cremation services. Following the cremation process, they will collect the remains and carefully place them in a sealed urn. The remains will then be released from the cremation service provider at our Dana Point crematory to a family member.

Traditional Cremation Benefits

If you’re still on the fence about proceeding with cremation, you should consider the many cremation benefits. People choose cremation over a casket burial for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons for going with cremation is the price. The cost of cremation services is significantly less.

Cremation is also easier on the environment. With burial, it is required to embalm the deceased, which requires harmful chemicals; however, cremation doesn’t have those same requirements. Additionally, a casket, headstone, and gravesite must be used with a traditional burial. That is a considerable amount of both renewable and non-renewable resources.

Many people who choose cremation do so because there is so much flexibility. Not only are cremation services cost-effective, but there are so many more options with how the remains can be taken care of.

Cremation services are also able to offer the same level of farewell services that are commonly associated with funeral services.

Dana Point Cremation: Additional Arrangements & Services

Our local cremation service near Dana Point includes cheap cremation packages. The standard crematory cremation services can be embellished by adding on additional arrangements and services. Here are a few of the following packages that can be added to the simple cremation package:

  • Private cremation
  • Witness cremation
  • Memorial package
  • Visitation with cremation
  • Sea scattering service

Final Resting Place Options

One of the last things that must be arranged is to determine where the final resting place of the remains will be after cremation. Traditional options include a variety of storage or scattering options.

Storage options start by choosing an urn. While an urn is provided by the crematory company, many people choose to pick an urn that fits their personal style, especially if the urn is to be kept in a home. If the urn is to be buried in a gravesite or placed in a mausoleum, then choosing an urn is often skipped.

It is important to know that California requires that if remains are to be kept they cannot leave the cremation urn. A permit is required and there must be arrangements for what will happen to the remains should the person responsible for them pass away.

The other traditional thing to do is scatter the remains of the deceased. There are also rules and regulations about how to do this properly, so be sure to follow them if you choose to scatter ashes.

It is becoming increasingly popular to choose a non-traditional option for choosing a final resting place for the remains, at least some of the remains. This non-traditional option helps to remember the deceased. For example, there is a variety of jewelry that can be worn that keeps a small portion of ashes stored inside. If you are interested in remembering your loved one like this, check with your cremation company for a catalog.

No matter how simple or how lavish you want cremation and celebration of life services to be, Dana Point cremation services near you has every level of service you could need. Our local cremation services near you will compassionately guide you through the cremation process.

Choosing The Cremation Society of Orange Coast

The Cremation Society of Orange Coast offers Dana Point cremation the absolute best in terms of quality and care when it comes to cremation companies. If you are looking for cremation in Dana Point, look no further than the cremation professionals at The Cremation Society of Orange Coast for affordable cremation pricing.