5 star ratingI initially called another burial at sea cremation service when my mom passed away. The person who responded to my message was oblivious and cold - more suited for a career as an Avon saleslady. When I found Cremation Society of Orange Coast, I was hesitant after having such a bad experience with the other company. Luckily, Nicole was kind and understanding and most importantly, competent. I knew my mom was going to be taken care of and picked up from the hospital which was my greatest concern. Getting my mom's remains taken care of and out of the hospital morgue (not picking cruise packages for her eventual burial at sea) was most important for me. Nicole kept me in the loop with what was going on. It was very comforting at the worst time of my life. I highly recommend Cremation Society of Orange Coast.
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Cremation in Huntington Beach

Making cremation arrangements for a loved one can be so difficult during a time of grief. Likewise, pre-planning your cremation can seem overwhelming. If you don’t know where to start, you should look into cremation in Huntington Beach for low-cost cremation services and final arrangements.

You will be able to plan cremation services in Huntington Beach with some basic knowledge of cremation benefits, a cremation planning checklist, and an understanding of the basic cremation services included in most cremation packages.

Benefit from Cremation

Cremation is being chosen over traditional funeral and burial services for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons why people have begun to choose cremation is because of how cheap cremation is in comparison to a burial.

Burial services have such a high price tag because they require the use of renewable and non-renewable resources. Renewable resources, such as the wood required to make the casket, can be replenished; however, non-renewable resources, like the land for a gravesite, are limited. The cost of these resources continues to rise and is passed onto the person who pays for the final arrangements.

Removing the expense of the casket, headstone, and grave plot a lot of the costs of the final arrangements can be eliminated. By eliminating the need for those items the environment is also a benefactor of cremation, too.

Huntington Beach Cremation Planning Checklist

Making cremation arrangements in Huntington Beach isn’t as difficult as you think it might be. Local cremation near you can be easily planned by using the following checklist.

  • Know what your budget is so that you are able to pick arrangements that you can afford
  • Cremation service providers have a low-cost cremation option package; choose this so that you start with the basic necessities for cremation
  • If you choose cremation in Huntington Beach, then you may also want to hold a service so that friends and family members may pay their respects to the deceased. Services include:
    • Religious service at a church or worship center
    • Memorial service at park or funeral home
    • Graveside service at the cemetery
    • Military burial can be arranged for military members to receive honors
  • Additional arrangements are also provided by the crematorium if you choose to add to the basic cremation package. These facilities will provide you with the ability to witness cremation, hold a private cremation, have cremation with viewing, expedited cremation, and more.
  • Select a final resting place for the remains of the deceased.

Select a Final Resting Place via Internment, Urn, or Scattering

There are unlimited options for selecting a final resting place for the remains of the deceased. The three different types of resting places for cremated remains are:

  1. Internment – being placed in a grave or space at a mausoleum
  2. Urn – safely store the remains in a cremation urn that doesn’t have to be in a permanent location
  3. Scattering remains – dispersing or releasing the remains over the earth or sea

Once you decide which of the three types of resting places you would like for your loved one, you have the ability to commemorate it with a memorial service or special cremation urn.

Internment Storage

Just like with traditional burial, some people will choose to place the cremated remains in a grave. Other permanent storage options include purchasing storage space in a mausoleum. Some churches also offer space for the storage of cremated remains.

Cremation Urns

Urns are storage capsules that hold cremated remains. Cremation companies offer a variety of urns for their clients. Urns can be made of a variety of materials from wood to plastic to metal, and more. They can be large or small, decorative or plain.

Families can choose to store the remains all together in one urn or divide the remains up into multiple urns so that more than one family member can hold onto the remains. Unlike being placed in a grave or mausoleum, urns are easily portable and can be moved from location to location.

Scattering Remains

Cremated remains do not have to be stored. Some people request that their ashes be scattered after they die and are cremated. It is common to scatter ashes at sea, at a designated place in a cemetery or church, or a location that was loved by the deceased. The final resting place for scattering someone’s remains is almost endless.

California has very specific laws on how cremated remains must be cared for. Anyone who plans on keeping or scattering cremation remains should be aware of these rules.

Huntington Beach Cremation Service

The Cremation Society of Orange Coast offers a simple cremation package that is an affordable cremation service. It includes everything necessary for the cremation from start to finish. There are also a number of add-ons that can be selected if a more detailed cremation is desired.

The simple cremation service in Huntington Beach includes transportation of the deceased to the crematorium facility. It also includes the oversight of a licensed funeral director.

Paperwork will need to be completed so that the cremation provider is able to perform the cremation in accordance with state law. All necessary paperwork is available online and can be completed in private or at our local office. If you have any questions, our compassionate and professional team is available to help you.

Once the cremation paperwork has been submitted, a cremation permit will be issued so that the direct cremation services can take place at the Huntington Beach crematory. Once the cremation has been completed, the remains are placed in a durable cremation urn and given to the family.

The above are all of the traditional cremation requirements. Read on to find out more about the additional arrangements that can be made.

Additional Crematory Services in Huntington Beach

The crematory cremation services in the simple package starts with basic cremation. Families may add additional services to the cremation process in order to personalize the way they pay their final respects to their loved ones. Our cremation company offers more than just a local cremation service near Huntington Beach, we also offer crematory packages. A few of the crematory packages offered are:

  • Rush cremation for cremation within 24 hours of receiving the state-required permit
  • Witness cremation
  • Private goodbye
  • Visitation with cremation

In addition to affordable cremation pricing options, we offer a memorial service package and a sea scattering service enhancement package for clients who choose cremation services in Huntington Beach.

Why Choose Cremation Society of Orange Coast for Cremation

The Cremation Society of Orange Coast provides Huntington Beach cremation with the highest level of customer support and satisfaction. We serve the community of Orange County, California with pride. Look no further for the best local cremation services near you.