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Cremation in Anaheim

Are you looking into pre-planning your cremation or looking to make cremation arrangements for a loved one? Our simple cremation service package can meet all of your local cremation service needs. This comprehensive package includes everything needed for low-cost cremation.

Look no further for help with your Anaheim cremation service than with our team of knowledgeable specialists. Our professionals can walk you through selecting the services that fit your needs best for cremation in Anaheim.

Choose Your Cremation Services

Making decisions about what happens after a family member or loved one passes away can be difficult. The following are some suggestions from our experienced employees on different choices that you have regarding making cremation arrangements.

  • Select a cremation package that meets your needs and fits your budget. Our simple cremation package includes all of the necessities for cremation at an affordable price.
  • We also provide additional arrangements if you need more than just our simple package. Add-ons, such as rush cremation, private cremation, or cremation with viewing are all possibilities. Just speak with one of our representatives for more details.
  • Select a final resting place for the remains of the deceased. There are different places that can be chosen including a variety of urns or scattering the ashes.

Memorial and Remembrance Services

Religious, memorial, or remembrance services are not required; however, many family and friends choose to remember their loved ones in this way. The different options of services that can be arranged include:

  • Prayer or worship services can be held at synagogues, temples, churches, and other places of worship.
  • Memorial services can be arranged at venues such as a community center or park.
  • If the remains are to be buried, a graveside service can be arranged at the place of internment.
  • Military members may be entitled to military burial and honors. Cremation service providers can help with VA scheduling and paperwork requirements.

Service Package Available in Anaheim Cremation

Our affordable cremation service starts by transporting the deceased from their place of death to our local crematorium facility. The cremation service is supervised by a licensed funeral director from beginning to end, as required by state law.

Help is available to you from one of our compassionate staff members throughout the entire process. Assistance will be given if you need help with any of the required paperwork. All of the paperwork necessary for the cremation to take place is available on our website or at our office. If you have any questions come up while completing the paperwork someone will assist you.

After all of the cremation forms have been submitted, our office staff will get the required permits for the cremation provider. Direct cremations services are then carried out at our Anaheim crematory.

The remains are provided in one of our durable cremation urns after the traditional cremation procedures have taken place.

Choosing Cremation Service in Anaheim and its Benefits

People choose cremation over traditional funerals for a number of reasons. The biggest reason that cremation services are chosen is the affordability of cremation. Local cremation companies are able to offer cremation services that are significantly more cost-effective than a standard burial.

Even with the reduction in price, cremation farewell services are comparable to funeral services. This reduces the financial burden placed on a family after a loved one has passed.

Services in Addition to Cremation

Our crematory cremation services include cheap cremation because we know how hard paying for final expenses can be, especially when they are unexpected. Not only do we offer local cremation services near Anaheim, but we also provide additional services to our clients to make their experience memorable. Worship or remembrance services for a memorial can be arranged in addition to our simple cremation pricing. These services typically take place at a church or venue of your choosing

Optional Arrangements for Anaheim Cremation

Our cremation company provides Anaheim Cremation clients with other add-on services such as:

  • Rush cremation service is available to be completed within 24 hours of the receipt of the cremation permit that is provided by the Health Department
  • Graveside service at the graveside if the deceased will be interned in a cemetery.
  • Visual identification and witnessing the cremation container or casket being placed in the cremation chamber are available as is private cremation.
  • Scattering of the deceased remains at an approved location.

Decisions for After Cremation

After cremation has taken place a few different things can happen with the remains. To be clear, the remains of the deceased can also be referred to as ashes or cremains, a mix of the words cremation and remains.

Usually remains are kept in an urn that is buried at a gravesite or placed in a mausoleum. Remains are also commonly kept at the home of a relative of the deceased, scattered, or stored in a religious building.

If you are planning to keep remains in your private residence in California, you will be required to get a permit and sign a declaration. The declaration states that the remains will not be removed from the urn or the residence. Also, anyone who cares for ashes must make arrangements for their internment upon the caregiver’s death.

If you choose to scatter the ashes instead of keeping them in an urn, you should know California’s laws regarding scattering ashes, too. Our staff can assist with arranging services and understand the regulations regarding scattering ashes.

Ashes are allowed to be scattered at a cemetery, sea, or many other places. If you wish to have your loved ones ashes scattered at sea we have a package available that meets all of California’s requirements.

No matter how simple or how lavish you want memorial services to be, our team is here to help make the cremation process as smooth as possible.

Why You Should Choose Cremation Society of Orange Coast

The Cremation Society of Orange Coast offers low-cost, local cremation services near you. We know that you have a choice when it comes to cremation in Anaheim. We care about Anaheim Cremation and always provide the best services to our local community.