5 star ratingWhen I called Nicole I was a mess, having to arrange for my 24 year old son's cremation. I had no idea what to do but Nicole was sensitive and informative, explaining everything along the way. When I picked up my son's ashes she again was very sensitive and thoughtful making the process very comfortable putting me at ease. If you have a loved one rest assured Nicole is the person you want in your corner.
Thank you, Nicole.
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Cremation in Laguna Beach

Pre-planning your cremation services and making cremation arrangements for a local cremation service in Laguna Beach doesn’t have to be difficult. This cremation guide has been put together to help you understand the benefits of cremation, teach you how to plan final arrangements for you or a loved one in five easy steps, and more.

Keep reading if you need help with planning a simple cremation service. If you want to go beyond a simple package and add additional arrangements your cremation provider may have additional services to choose from so it is good to know your options..

Cost Benefits of Cremation

Final arrangements can be costly, but more and more people are choosing cremation for the cost benefits. The main reason that traditiaonl cremation costs less than a burial service is that cremation does not require the need to purchase a casket, headstone, or grave. Cremation doesn’t require embalming either.

Not only does eliminating the need for these items and services cut costs, it’s also beneficial to the environment. Cremation reduces the need to use natural resources to build large caskets that take up space in the limited availability of land that can hold the casket.

5 Steps to Plan Laguna Beach Cremation Service

You may be surprised at how easy cremation planning can be. Use the following five steps as a checklist to help you make final arrangements

  1. Establish your budget so that you know what you can afford. Low-cost cremation services are available.
  2. A cremation service provider with local cremation near you offer simple cremation packages that have everything you need for a basic cremation service.
  3. Plan to hold a service in memory of the deceased if you can. While holding a remembrance service isn’t mandatory, many people choose to have one. These are the most common services to hold:
    1. Church service – people gather in a place of worship to pray for the deceased
    2. Memorial services – people gather in a funeral home or other location of your choice to celebrate the life of the deceased
    3. Internment services – people hold a small gathering at the place where the remains of the deceased are laid to rest
    4. Military burial services – honor military members for their service to the country
  4. Understand the various arrangements that are offered by the crematorium and the cremation company. In addition to their simple package you can rush the cremation, add private cremation, or have cremation with family viewing.
  5. Choose your loved ones final resting place. Burial, cremation urn, and scattering the remains are three basic final resting places.

Choose a Final Resting Place

There are three main types of final resting places for crematined remains. Once you choose which one of these three you are going to go with, there are a number of ways to individualize the experience.

The first of the three basic resting places is burial. Some people choose to bury cremated remains in a gravesite, mausoleum, or space at a church (if your church offers this service). From there you may choose to hold a graveside memorial service at the time of the burial.

The second of the three basic resting places is encapsulation in a cremation urn. If this is what you choose then you have so many choices of urns that you may purchase. Cremation urns come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They can be made from wood, metal, plastic, and other materials. Urns can be decorative, extravagant, or simple.

The third of the three basic resting places to scatter the ashes. Ashes may be scattered in the ocean, on church grounds, in a cemetery, and a number of other places.

California has specific laws about how cremated remains can be kept as well as laws about how they can be scattered. You should make yourself aware of these laws should you choose to keep the remains of your loved one in an urn or scatter their ashes.

The Best Cremation Service Package in Laguna Beach

The best cremation service package starts with everything needed to complete a cremation from start to finish. In Laguna Beach, our affordable cremation service starts by arranging transportation of the deceased to the local crematorium facility. Our licensed funeral director oversees the cremation service.

You will be required to fill out some paperwork so that the cremation can take place. All of the paperwork that is needed for the permit is available online so that you can complete it at home if you wish. After the paperwork is done, our staff will be able to obtain the permit necessary for cremation to take place. If you have any questions along the way simply ask one of our compassionate and professional team members.

The cremation will take place at our licensed, local crematorium facility that is routinely state inspected. Once the direct cremation services are have been completed at the Laguna Beach crematory, the cremated remains are placed in a durable urn and are returned to the family.

Our simple cremation package includes the standard basic requirements for complete cremation services. Extra services may be added to this package based on individual wants and needs.

Cremation Service in Laguna Beach Add-ons

We offer crematory cremation services that include just the basic needs for a cheap cremation. In addition to the local cremation service near Laguna Beach, more services are offered to make each individual client’s experience exceptional.

Our staff can help you with arranging memorial services at a location of your choice if you want to add onto the simple package. Additional add-on services that the Laguna Beach cremation provides at the crematorium facility include rush cremation service, a cremation witness package, private cremation service, sea scattering package, and more.

The best cremation service provider for Laguna Beach Cremation is Cremation Society of Orange Coast. They offer the best customer service and the lowest pricing around.

Why Choose Cremation Society of Orange Coast for Laguna Beach Cremation

There are many cremation companies to choose from in Orange County, California. Cremation Society of Orange Coast takes pride in being the number one cremation company for cremation in Laguna Beach. Our highly trained staff has years of experience in providing the community with the best local cremation services near you.