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5 star ratingI was told that my brother in law was terminal and that he had about a month to live. We contacted the Cremation Society of Orange Coast and made arrangements so that my brother would be taken care of on the day of his passing. My brother in law passed away on February 2, and we called the people here and they came right over over and took my brother away, just as we agreed upon. This organization went out of their way to help me and my family and I especially want to thank Nicole, who was very professional, very helpful, very courteous and all around nice person. She went above and beyond what needed to be done and we appreciate it very much and will never forget. I would recommend this place to any and all.Nicole, my wife Kathy and I thank you so much!

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Urns Southern California

An urn is a memorial for a family member or loved one. At the Cremation Society of Orange Coast, many of our clients choose urns that reflect their loved one's personality and nature. While some urns remain as memorials in homes or family properties, others are buried during a funeral service.

If you have any questions about urns or our cremation services in Southern California, please call our office today to speak to our team. The Cremation Society of Orange Coast is focused on providing affordable, discreet, and stress-free services to our clients.

Our Urn Styles

At the Cremation Society of Orange Coast, we supply a wide range of cremation urn styles to our clients in Southern California. We're also happy to source custom urns if you have any specific requests. Below, let's explore our most popular urn styles in more detail:

• Biodegradable: Biodegradable urns are an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious individuals.

• Brass & Metal: Brass and metal urns are durable and permanent. These are extremely popular with many of our clients.

• Cast Acrylic: If you're searching for a unique urn that displays your loved one's personality, it's hard to go wrong with a custom cast acrylic option.

• Cast Bronze: A cast bronze urn is another design that's perfect if you're planning on displaying your urn in your home or family property.

• Clock: If you desire an urn that's perfect for a home mantelpiece or a bookshelf, a clock urn is an excellent style choice.

• Garden Series: Our garden series offers a range of designs that are perfect for outdoor displays.

• Hardwood: If you're searching for a natural urn material, a hardwood design is one of the most suitable options.

• Infant and Youth: Infant and youth urns are specifically designed with children in mind. These are designed to help you memorialize young loved ones.

• Sheet Bronze: Sheet bronze offers sleek urn designs that are highly customizable. It's easy to inscribe memorial details or messages on sheet bronze urns.

• Solid Marble: Solid marble urns combine class with aesthetic appeal. This is another urn design that's popular for in-home and garden displays.

If you have any questions about our urn styles, feel free to call our office. We're also happy to source custom urns if you have something specific in mind.

Pre-Purchased Urns in Southern California

If you're arranging your own cremation or memorial service, pre-purchasing an urn will ensure that your wishes are honored. At the Cremation Society of Orange Coast, we're more than happy to pre-sell urns to clients that want to arrange their own cremation services. Feel free to contact our office in Southern California if you have any questions about pre-purchased urns or pre-planned cremation services.

Buy an Urn in Southern California

If you're ready to purchase an urn for yourself or a loved one, we're here to help. At the Cremation Society of Orange Coast, we make the process of buying a cremation urn as convenient and stress-free as possible. Please call our office today if you're ready to select the perfect urn.
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