Marjorie Bess Emerson

Marjorie Bess Emerson

emerson1Marjorie Bess Emerson (95) passed away Sunday, August 23, 2015.  She was born in Dunsmuir, CA June 12, 1920 and graduated from U.C.L.A. in 1942.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Frank M. Emerson and her parents Carl and Veda Hague.  She is survived by her son David Emerson, daughter Sharon Waltrip, 4 grandchildren (Sarah Sasser, Elizabeth Newman, Nathan Emerson, and Wendy Waltrip), and 6 greatgrandchildren (Emerson Newman, Caitlyn Newman, Vinny Newman, Jet Sasser, Ivy Sasser,and Leo Sasser).  A memorial service will be held in the chapel of Rowntree Gardens(12151 Dale Ave, Stanton, CA) at 10:00 A.M, Saturday, October 10th. A brief graveside service will be at 2 pm at Inglewood Park Cemetery’s Larch Lawn (enter at the Manchester Gate, 3891 Manchester Blvd., no processional).

In lieu of flowers, the family has suggested  donations may be made to Playhouse in the Park  (Click on the “donation” button), as Marge loved seeing her family in community theater, or to her home church for over 50 years, the First Baptist Church of Lakewood, 5336 Arbor Rd., Long Beach, CA 90808.

Here is a brief eulogy written by her daughter, Sharon Waltrip.

Marjorie Bess Hague Emerson

June 12, 1920- August 23, 2015

Marge Emerson was born to Carl & Veda Hague on June 12, 1920 in Dunsmuir, California.  She lived there with her family including a grandmother, moving to Los Angeles when her father got a job with the City as an engineer.

She met Frank Emerson at Florence Avenue Presbyterian Church and car pooled with him and some others to UCLA (from which she graduated in 1945.) They were married July 16, 1948 and moved to Lakewood, California in 1951, where they raised David Stephen and Sharon Lou.

We were a happy family, taking summer vacations to National Parks, learning to backpack, plus enjoying frequent summer day trips to the beach (bringing neighborhood friends, or meeting Daddy after work and having a cook out), and attending school and church events.

Mom was active at First Baptist Church of Lakewood, singing in the choir, working in the library, working with Rachael Missionary Circle, teaching Sunday School, Daily Vacation Bible School, and generally supporting whatever was needed.

Mom loved her family, supporting her arthritic mother with frequent visits to her parents’ retirement home in Garden Grove, and then Farmdale Nursing Home.  She loved emerson2being part of a bigger family, celebrating Christmas and birthdays with the Emersons and Biddlecombs in Los Angeles and Crenshaw.  When grandchildren came along, she took one day a week for Sarah and then Elizabeth, to give Barb some time and to build a relationship with them over the early years. She was delighted to have a grandson, Nathan that reminded her of her little boy and then appreciated being there when Wendy was born in Arizona.  She enjoyed the expanding family, welcoming  daughter-in-law, Barb, and son-in-law, Randy, then Blair and Tres at festive family weddings.  And so she added more people to her growing family:  Bears, Schoenbachlers, Waltrips, Adams, Newmans, and Sassers. When great grandchildren came along, she enjoyed the babies, and toddlers, even as she grew weaker, they could always bring a smile to her face. Mom was never happier, than when she had her family all together for a holiday or special event, right up through her 95th birthday.

Music was a big part of her life.  She minored in music and taught piano for a few years. She loved to sing in the choir and play piano for her church Sunday School group, and at any other opportunity. She encouraged her children and grandchildren in whatever musical endeavor they wanted, and loved to play Christmas Carols at the family gatherings.  She “wrote” special Christmas songs with each of her grandchildren, sometimes borrowing a familiar melody, but always with words they penned together.

Even before Frank retired, they bought an RV and traveled up and down the west coast, camping and enjoying their time together.  “Rosiehome” was their home away from home, and they enjoyed those trips hither and yon.  They really did rake up the miles traveling, in cars, Rosiehome, airplanes, and even a cruise up to Alaska with the family (aged 11 to 91) when they accompanied Dave, Barb, Sarah, Beth and Grandma Great visiting Sharon and Randy at Denali National Park.  Dave and Barb got them to come with their family to Europe (ticking “seeing Switzerland” off of Mom’s Bucket List) and to Hawaii a few times.  Mom had said early on, that she didn’t care to go to Hawaii, hankering to see the Alps instead. ….until she finally flew to Hawaii with Dad, and then how she loved going back!  She enjoyed the ocean, swimming in it and watching whales, dolphins, sea gulls and sunsets.  She played with her children and grandchildren on countless trips to the beach and enjoyed overnights when Dave brought her to Crystal Cove State Park where they could get a handicapped cabin and roll her out on the sand in a special wheel chair.

The biggest love of her life was her personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  She gave her heart and her life to him, honoring him in all she did and at every opportunity. There are scores of people whose lives were changed by her testimony and loving ministry. She demonstrated the love of God to all she could, and we know she is now happy in his presence with her loved ones that have gone before.

Entrusted to the care of Cremation Society of Orange Coast (800) 678-0669

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  1. Joel Wright says:

    A special thanks to the Waltrip and Emerson family members for this well written post here. Mrs. Marge Emerson was always one of the best personal highlights and joys in our Lakewood community (First Baptist Church of Lakewood / Arbor Road Church). Her joy and faith was always contagious, encouraging all those around her. We praise God for her long life, her faithfulness, her talents utilized to God’s glory, and her legacy of love in the world. We rejoice with her in her Savior, knowing she now triumphs on high in glory (I Cor. 15:20-58). Thanks to Dave & Barb Emerson, Randy & Sharon Waltrip and the extended family for all their support through the years. One of the best families ever!

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