Arturo James Aguirre Zamarripa IV

Arturo James Aguirre Zamarripa IV

In loving memory of Arturo James Aguirre Zamarripa IV. Arturo James Aguirre Zamarripa IV was born on November 28, 1982 and passed away on June 20, 2016. Entrusted to the care of Cremation Society of Orange Coast (800) 678-0669


  1. Theresa Gallagher says:

    I cannot say how sorry I am to learn this terrible news. I remember the day he was born. I was so happy for ART AND SYLVIA on that day. I pray for ARTIE’S peaceful repose in heaven. For ART and SYLVIA , his siblings and all his loved ones on this earth, I pray that GOD gives you strength and courage. Sincere condolences and love.

  2. Veroica McNamara says:

    Your shipmates will never forget you Art. You were a renaissance man, a character, funny, compassionate and gifted. I will mentally salute you each time I walk past ‘Spirit of Dana Point.’

  3. Jana Hertz says:

    I am shocked and saddened to read of this news. Art was a braille student of mine a number of years ago, while working as a youth counselor at Braille Institute, Anaheim. I ran into him a few years later in Dana Point Harbor, with those big mutton chop sideburns in character for his role as an old time seaman and he told me of his adventures and work aboard the Tall Ships. Went sailing with him aboard the ‘Spirit of Dana Point,’ when a friend from Michigan was visiting. He was such a kind, gentle spirit. Art … your kindnesses, your wit, your character will never be forgotten. May you sail the seas and keep watch over us all … Rest in Paradise … you will be missed but not forgotten.

  4. Amy Hellewell says:

    Art was an incredible guy with such a good heart. I had many years sailing with him and learned a lot from him. He had an infectious smile and lived life to the fullest. He took to sailing and learned quickly and performed his duties well. He was very confident in everything he did. He had a quiet, humble demeanor that made you at ease around him. He will be missed by many. So sorry for your loss. Love ya Art!

  5. Robin Emery (Fiske) says:

    I just found out today. I was just looking up people that I cared about so long ago and saw this pop up. I was (am) shocked to see this. We hadn’t talked in years, but through friends and the internet, I had a few updates here and there and was so delighted that he was doing something that made him happy. I remember him briefly talking about it when we were together, wanting to “work on boats” and “live a life at sea.” To his family, that I got to know for a little while, I’m so so sorry. I know we haven’t talked for some time either, but know that I never forgot you and your big happy family that made me feel so welcome for the time Art and I were together. I just can’t believe that he’s gone…too soon. He will be missed and forever loved.

    • Robin Emery (Fiske) says:

      *Ribbin Fiske was how Art knew me.

      • Dustin De Leon says:

        Ribbin—This is Dustin, one of Art’s good friends. We absolutely remember you and are so happy for the time you and Art shared together. Please reach out if you want to. Hope you are doing well.

  6. Lydia Maclovia Zamarripa says:

    Art and Sylvia (family) I was taken back by the information given to me by my friend Connie Aguirre a week ago. I was married to Arturo’s Great Uncle Fred Zamarripa for 12 years and just about a year before he passed, on his 76 birthday I surprise him with two tickets on The Spirit of Dana Point not know-
    ing that his nephew Arturo would be working that day on ship. Uncle Fred was very proud to see and talk to his nephew, it was a very special occasion. I am sad to hear of his death, I pray that they are all at that GOOD PLACE, in paradise . To his parents, I wish and pray for acceptance, understanding and love, that which can help heal this major pain and loss.

  7. Shannon Gentry says:

    So Art and I dated for about 2 years back in 2010-2012 and he was one of the most interesting, patient, kind, cool, funny, adventurous, amazing people I have ever known. We spent a lot of time together those two years and though things ended up not working out with us, I look back on that time with such fondness, a heavy heart and a smile. He had an infectious personality and a belly laugh that you just couldn’t help but laugh along with. He played a mean game of backgammon, drank tea from a tea kettle, sang songs out-loud with a stomp of his foot. He had small hands, loved his Sunday rides to Cooks Corner and he opened my eyes to a whole side of life I had never experienced. He truly did live every day like it was his last and I truly feel blessed to have know him so well. When I heard of the news of his accident I was so devastated and cried like I’d never cried before. He was a one of kind human, one like I’d never met before, and have never met since. One of the greatest loves of my life. Rest in peace Art, you will forever be missed from the ones you left behind. Until we meet again.

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